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IF you are...

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  • enthusiastic

  • self motivated

  • an expert in your field

  • team player





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Associate VA Team

Join our Associate VA Team of freelance eBusiness Professionals today! 

STOP...spending money on get rich scams and think about working with real professionals.



Hess Business Professionals offers professional individuals the opportunity to work as an Independent Contractor from the comforts of their home-office. As an associate, you are given the opportunity to build your own business.  With a strong commitment to the cause we serve, you're efforts are bound to provide you with financial rewards.


 Work as an Independent Contractor! 

Set your own hours!  Be your own boss!


Imagine the possibilities!


Since the year 2000, Hess Business Professionals & Associates has been rapidly growing in popularity.  With the launch of our web site in 2004, a larger market has become available.  Working with our team within the Associate VA Program will help you develop skills in areas beyond your expertise.


Our associates come from different industries; stay at home moms, single parents, freelance business owners, and retired professionals.  If you're business oriented and believe in a strong code of business ethics, please don't hesitate to contact our office.  You will not regret signing up for our associate program.


All associates-must provide us with a resume`, references, and a letter of intent.  If you are accepted, you will be required to sign a Non-Compete Contract and Independent Agent Contract.  Review the contract link on the left.  If you're still interested, print the contract and complete the information.  Then sign up for one of our associates to contact you.


 Remember, you have the power to achieve financial freedom.  It only takes an inquiry and our business experience to make it happen for you.


As of January 2006, applicants will be required to participate in the Certified Virtual Professional Program to be considered for hire.  All applicants will be given a discount rate on applying for their CVP Seal.  Contact Sara Lee Markus, CertifiedVP.com Course Coordinator at cvpcoordinator@myway.com for more information on the program.

  Least expensive way to invest in yourself!

Don't reinvent the wheel... Use what works!


Interested in becoming an associate, complete the contact form and include your qualifications in the comment box.

You can earn real money by being a part of our associate team.



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