Affordable Outsourcing Service Plans

You can afford to outsource to Hess Business Professionals & Associates.  Our services are tailored to meet the needs of today's small business owner and entrepreneur.


AFFORDABLE PAYMENT PLANS have been designed for those who are operating on a shoestring budget.  There is a plan that is right for you.  Before we begin, Select the payment plan that fits your needs. 

All invoicing other than that which is circulated through Elance & Guru is done via  PayPal Account, QuickBooks Merchant, or U.S. Mail.  With these payment options, you can pay by MasterCard or Visa.


Choose Your Plan


Hourly Plan…

10-hour minimum contract

Deposit of 10% required

Payment due upon completion


Typically applies to (but not limited to) VA services that require a contract of

10 to 20 hours of work for administrative support, data processing, or word processing.


Project Plan…


Flat Rate Fee

Deposit required for projects that exceed $250

Invoiced upon completion of project

Payment due within 48-hours


Typical Project Spec

10 to 300 articles

Corporate ID Packets

Business Marketing Material



On Consignment Plan…


Contract for 3-months/6-months/one-year

Special rates for virtual assistance

Special rates for ongoing projects (i.e. articles)


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Plan Rates…


Rates are based on the category a project is listed under.


Example: Articles  Category: Copywriting

Flat rate: By the # of articles/words


Example: Virtual Assistant

Category: Administrative  Fee: hourly







We will meet or beat the rates of our competitors.  Ask your associate for the 'standard' flat rate service rate for your project.  Administrative duties are calculated on the average time required to perform specific duties.  Most fees are negotiable.



Request a Formal Proposal today!


We focus on bringing you the best service possible.  It is important that your online experience is enjoyable and affordable.  If you have any questions, complete the form and a representative will contact you.  



Text Box: Special Note
Contracts enter under domains like Elance and Guru may have a different payment structure.  This is due to policies and rules governed by that domain.  Repeat clients are entitled to the same rate structure and payment plan.  Please contact Diane Hess, Chief Executive Officer – Hess Business Professionals & Associates for more details.






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